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Interview with...


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Year 4 Students

What’s your name?
My name is Charlie. Nice to meet you!

How old are you? When is your birthday?
I’m 12 years old. My birthday is on 13th January.

Where do you live?
I live in Brecon. Brecon is a small town in the south of Wales. There is a National Park and there are big mountains.
Look at the map of the UK!

Have you got any brothers or sisters?
I’ve got one sister and one brother. My sister is Hannah, and my brother is Matthew.

Have you got many friends?
I’ve got a lot of friends!

Do you like football?
I like football, but my favourite sport is swimming.

Do you like school?  What’s your favourite subject?
Yes, I do. I love school!. My favourite subject is English, and I like PE, art and maths too.

Have you got any pet?
I haven’t got any pet, but I love nature.

What do you usually do at the weekends?